Salt Spring Island Cheese

Address: 285 Reynolds Rd, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1Y2

Business Description

Our commitment is to quality, fairness and integrity.

We sold our first cheese in 1996, the culmination of six years of trial and error on the farm and in the kitchen. Then, as now, our cheeses are all handmade, using traditional methods and only natural ingredients. The list of what we put in our cheese is short – 100% pure goat milk, sea salt, dairy culture and rennet. The quality of those ingredients is the key to its great taste.

Principally, we’re known for our chèvres, although we also make several other types of goat cheeses (feta cheeses, surface ripened cheeses, and even a hard cheese).

We make our cheese at our farm on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, and while you can buy our cheese as far east as Toronto and as far south as California, we encourage you to come to the island, wander the farm, and taste the cheese fresh for yourself.

Our goal is to make simply the best tasting cheese you will find, from one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Welcome to Salt Spring Island Cheese Company.